Farm time

I am one of those people who derives great joy from ‘shopping’ for groceries in a field. I also like saving money on incredible organic produce and flowers, so there’s that, too.

We joined a CSA (community-supported agriculture) farm earlier this year. We pick up a box of produce weekly from a local grocery store. We also have privileges to go to the farm and pick flowers, herbs, additional produce…etc.

tl;dr – veggies are good for you and flowers are pretty and picking them right from the earth is the best ever.

wandering around an open field by myself and connecting with the earth and with the food that nourishes my body provides my mind with peace and a calm that I’ve had a hard time finding elsewhere.

Sounds expensive.

it’s not. the farm gives you the option to pay in two or three installments. for a household of two adults and one child, our share averages out to $30/week. for that $30, we sometimes end up with more food than I can even cook in a week. I really don’t know how we lived without it.

this week, we ended up with about 15 sunflowers, a pumpkin, several huge bags of greens, bunches of fresh herbs (parsley, cilantro, lavender, sage, oregano, basil), 3+ quarts of sauce tomatoes, 1 quart of cherry tomatoes, 1 pint of husk cherries, a pint of hot peppers, a few regular bell peppers, 1 quart of green beans, and a pint of tomatillos.

i will reiterate t h i r t y d o l l a r s. for all of that. and I could have picked more if I had wanted to.

the other things – the intangibles – are priceless. what my skin smells like after picking herbs. the peace of mind i take home with me. acknowledging and appreciating the life that buzzes and hums and grows and exists around me.

we are members at honey brook organic farm.

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